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1959 Thunderbird Restoration

This 1959 Ford Thunderbird was brought to us by Randy Erickson from Carmel. Indiana. This car has been in the family all of its life. It belonged to Randy's Grandma Nana and he wanted to restore the car in her memory. So this is Randy and Family's tribute to Grandma Nana.

This beauty was a well keep automobile in it's life time and had minor rust damage and had been hit at one time in the front end and had been repaired poorly. We disassembled the car down to the bare bones and started at ground zero. After the car was completely disassembled it went to the stripper and was acid dipped. After that it went to the blaster for a complete blast of the underside and interior of the body. That is when we saw the front end damage and realized the nature of the damage and started looking for a good front end piece. We found one in Arizona and had it shipped to us. We also had to straighten the front bumper because it was bent out of shape in the crash also. With a lot of heat and hammering we where able to get the bumper in shape and fitted to the body. The rest as you can see from the gallery is history as they say. With close to 1,000 hours invested, Nana's Ride is standing tall and ready for the show scene. Enjoy the gallery as it takes you through the process of bringing this beautiful 1959 Thunderbird back to life.

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